About Us
Flymi.com is the flagship  online travel portal of Millennium Travel. This easy to use portal is launched to cater to the needs of the next generation travelers who wish to have complete control of their travel plans. Our Mobile application empowers travelers to access their preferred services anywhere anytime. The portal will display a complete list of all airlines and their realtime prices  to choose from.

Millennium Travel” is  an IATA recognized & ISO 9001:2015 certified travel management  company . We leverage our association with global players, unmatched team of experts, and cutting edge technology to create customized, comprehensive corporate travel solutions, freeing your travelers to devote their energy and concentration to the business at hand

Our team is on the constant look out  for better ways of reaching out to our customers .Online portal is just the first installment of the  variety of  innovative tools launched to make the travel simpler and smarter.
Flymi Mobile App
Our free mobile application enables you to stay connected on the move with mobile app ,travelers can manage trips and design travel plans from a mobile device anywhere, anytime. Our application can be accessed with Iphone, Android, Blackberry
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For any immediate assistance kindly call on 055526048